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Mission statement reads "My mission is to help others become financially self-sustaining by sharing my knowledge and past experiences with money, career development, and related topics.  By sharing my experiences, I hope to help others avoid my past errors and omissions, and adopt or perfect my successes so that you can achieve a financial or vocational outcome that benefits you."

About AJ Smith 365

AJ Smith
Whether it's a lifestyle of self-sustainability or financial prosperity, AJ Smith 365 was established to help people attain the knowledge and skills that will assist them in these pursuits.  Achieving a Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) and Masters of Science (MS) degrees in Management and Management Information Systems respectively, and through trial, error, and success in the professional workforce and with investments, AJ Smith has created content that will assist you in pursuing your dreams.

Professional Qualifications and Accomplishments

Over 10 Years of Project and Program Management experience in the government sector.
IT sytems conversions from Ceridian legacy systems to PeopleSoft HR, Payroll, and Financials applications.
Elicit, harvest, socialize, and baseline application requirement artifacts (statements, user stories, business rules, UI Sketches).
Systems development life cycle Project and Program Manager of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) solutions for the Internal Revenue  Service.
Managed DB2 and Oracle databases containing over 155 tables and over 50 million records.
Identified over 8 million false database records for archival, resulting in improved database performance and accurate reporting.
Perform data modeling and database normalization activities on debt collection databases.
Created and executed over 300 routine and ad hoc database query scripts for executives.
Led data analytics activities for several small business clients.
Business Process Improvement and Business Process Re-engineering specialist for private and public sector entities.

Financial Accomplishments

Amassed a seven-figure (US Dollar) net worth.
Qualified accredited investor status per Security and Exchange Commission's (SEC) Regulation D, Rule 501.
Developed a repeatable practice for growing wealth and increasing probability of investing success.
Devise risk mitigation methodology to decrease probability of market portfolio setbacks.
Small-cap real property investor and developer.
REIT investor.

Drop Me A Line

I want to hear from you.  If there is a topic that you would like for AJSmith365 to discuss, or you would like to ask a question to be featured in upcoming Q&A media posts, send a message through the Contact Me link.

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